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Duffels4Youth gives you a tangible way to help foster youth in hard places regain some dignity, by replacing trash bags with their own personal duffel bag.


You may be a mom of small children, a house and/or vehicle already filled to the brim and just not sure how you can be of help in your current season of life to foster youth. More foster homes are greatly needed, but there are also many more needs that can be met if you arenít able to bring a foster youth into your home.

Sadly so many foster youths are still moving their personal possessions from placement to placement in trash bags. Duffels4Youth was created to replace trash bags with handmade duffel bags and giving you a tangible way to help foster youth regain some of the dignity they lose coming into foster care by giving them something of their very own to put their belonging into.


Looking for a tangible way to help foster youth in hard places?
I've created these handmade duffel bags to be given to foster youth and replace the still widely used trash bags that many still use to carry their possessions.

By purchasing or subscribing you are also helping a single foster mother continue to provide a safe and loving home for children.

The duffels measure about 18" x 6" x 11", have side pockets on each end, and will be made of a varying assortment of washable fabrics, colors, and patterns to accommodate the diverse age range of youth in the foster care system. Pictures are for example purposes only.


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