Thank you all for your support over the years!

Duffels4Youth - Restoring Dignity

Youth still pack their few belongings in trash bags when
entering Foster Care. Duffels4Youth gives you a tangible way
to help by restoring dignity with their own handmade duffel bag,
while also supporting a single foster mom.


Jekuthiel - Easing Bookkeeping Burdens

Do you own a Small Business or Church with disorganized books?
We create strategies that bring HOPE, ease burdens,
simplify your books, & let you focus on what you love.


Jekuthiel - Goat Breeding & Records Calendar

The Goat Breeding & Records Calendar was designed to simplify
the process by having all the info on one calendar.
Making it easier to track heat cycles and to
figure out when your doe is due to kid.


Jekuthiel - Easing Financial Burdens

Living paycheck to paycheck or struggling with debt?
We create strategies that bring HOPE,
ease burdens, and provide financial security.


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