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Jekuthiel (jeh-kooth-ee'-el) means -- God will support
"And do not seek what you shall eat, and what you shall drink, and do not keep worrying. For all these things the nations of the world eagerly seek; but your Father knows that you need these things. But seek for His kingdom, and these things shall be added to you." ---- Luke 12:29-31

Welcome to Jekuthiel's WebDesign!

Have you always wanted to show off your goat herd, other hobby, business, or other group; but didn't know how to build a website?

I started off using free sites, and then learned how to build websites from scratch writing them in HTML code!

I like to try and keep my sites simple, but nice, for ease of navigation & fast download ability.

So, let me know your themes, colors, logos and we'll see what we can put together for you!

I can usually have a website up within a week or so (as long as I'm not already busy with my goat herd and family!), if you have all your pictures and text ready to go!
I can receive Works & Word documents if you want to put your pages together that way and then I know how you want it to look!
What can sometimes take the longest, is figuring out how you want your site to look and getting the colors right.
Once that is done it's just a matter of adding all your pictures and text.

Kecskemet Farm Nubians in Granby, CT

Kecskemét Farm Nubians in Granby, CT

on your Website Bill
Via PayPal

Via your Bank Account

Here's a site that I like to use for finding colors & color themes to use on websites: Colour Lovers Colors & Colour Lovers Palettes after you select the color palette you like there's even a link under it 'Create Pattern', that you can then create a background pattern using those colors!
I can match most any colors you have in your logo, or color swatch you send me.

Click here to see all the websites I've done!
Several of the really basic ones are the first websites that I did. I will be slowly upgrading all of them to a much more professional look, but as you can see in some of my later ones they are really starting to look quite nice!

Websites Options:

#1 - Have your own domain name w/ your own domain name email address for $120/year.
This option (having your own domain name) gives you better search engine placement.

See all the hosting plan options I can set up for you through Khimaira Webhosting Solutions.
The above option #1 is the Basic Hosting plan through Khimaira.
If you are selecting Khimaira's Basic hosting plan, or higher, you can receive $15 off your order by using the following code (khimaira) at checkout.

#2 - If you already have your own domain name & hosting plan from another company (or webspace from your ISP account), but just don't know how to build your site or want someone else to manage it for you I am more then happy to do this for you!
If you choose this option I do charge a $50 setup fee & all other costs for new pages and maintenance are listed below.

Setup/Construction Fees:

My websites are simple & professional, and do what I can so the pages and pictures to load as quickly as possible.
I don't like to use heavy graphics or picture backgrounds. They may look nice, but they slow down the downloadable speed of your website a lot. You want your website to download quickly or viewers will give up and go elsewhere.
I charge $40/one time fee per page to set it up to the way you like it. I then charge a maintenance fee to keep it updated there after.
Any new page constructions during the life of your website will be charged the $40/page fee.

Maintenance Fees:

Maintenance fees are $30/hour and will be tabulated and billed the first of the month.

for non-profit discounts.

Website Setup fee $50/one time fee
      (for NEW website customers, OR if you already have your hosting plan or website and need someone to build or maintain your site)

Your own domain $120/year
      (http://YOURNAME.com & YOURNAME@YOURNAME.com)
      (select this option if you don't already have a domain name/hosting plan)

Website Name Choice:
Click here to see what's available.

Select # of NEW Website pages you need built at $40/page:



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