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Jekuthiel (jeh-kooth-ee'-el) means -- God will support
"And do not seek what you shall eat, and what you shall drink, and do not keep worrying. For all these things the nations of the world eagerly seek; but your Father knows that you need these things. But seek for His kingdom, and these things shall be added to you." ---- Luke 12:29-31

Jessica Welcome to my website!

This website has seen lots of changes, since I started it in 2001!

In May of 2013 I took a training class through Namaste Training in Tacoma, and became certified as a Home Care Aide (HCA)! I have been working in an Adult Family Home (The Summit AFH) since June of 2013! I'm loving my career change, and being able to serve the elderly in our area! Part of that training, also included training in Dementia & Mental Health. In June of 2013, I also took a class to get my Nurse Delegation qualifications. Then in March of 2014 I decided to take additional training to up grade my license from a Home Care Aide to a Nursing Assistant Certification (NAC) and earned my license status in August of 2014! I'm looking forward to seeing where the Lord will be taking me in the future with this field!!

Jekuthiels Handmade Gifts

I've been doing Website Design for several years now. I love coming up with new designs for my clients, and putting graphics and colors together! I like to design a website that is clean, loads quickly and easy to navigate. I build sites from the ground up (writing the code itself) and don't use a builder.

To coninute my love for designing, I've also been designing professional looking Labels for Small Business Owners. I've done labels for milk jugs, cheese packages, lotion bottles, lip balm tubes, and more. I use a color laser printer, so you get labels that have no smearing or running ink.

I've also designed a Breeding/Kidding Calendar with goat breeders in mind, and the unique breeding season of goats. I designed my calendar to run from July - June, so that all of the breeding dates are on the same calendar as the corresponding kidding dates. The weeks are also color coded in 3 different colors, to make tracking your doe's heat cycles very easy.

I also enjoy working with infants and toddlers, and have been volunteering at our church (Westwood Baptist Church in Olympia) since 2010, in the nursery each week. ;-)

I raised and breed a small herd of ADGA Registered Nubian & LaMancha Dairy Goats for over 20 years, and even had a small Grade A goat dairy for 5 years (Aug 2007 - Feb 2013). I become offically goatless, for a season, Dec 2013. My focus was primarily on milk, temperament, ease of milking, large and structurally sound goats. I used natural methods as much as possible, using many herbal mixes formulated by a fellow goat breeder, who also has her Master's in Herbology, Fir Meadow. My herd was on continuous DHIR and we participate in several Linear Appraisals.

As I mentioned above, I got my Grade A license in August of 2007, but after 5yrs of being in business, it was clear that it was actually a hobby and loosing money. So, I made the hard decision to close the dairy and sell the herd in 2013.

I also did a 2yr period of getting my Egg Handler's license in May of 2011-2013, for my pastured hens that were fed a Soy/Corn FREE layer feed (feed was NOT organic or GMO-free). But with the inconsistant laying patterns of my hens and customer sales, I didn't renew my license in 2013, and only have a few hens left.

I hope you enjoy your time looking around, come back and visit us again!

Walk in Him,
Jessica Howard ;-)


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